The Governor of Alabama HAD ordered all massage-therapy establishments and massage services, athletic facilities, fitness centers, gyms, spas and yoga facilities to be closed effective at 5:00 p.m. on March 28.
All pain relief, medical, & sports massage by appointment only for safety .
I wear N95 masks.
I require client wear face covering.
I have easy adjustments for COPD etc.
When facing the client I add a face shield.
Hydrogen peroxide is our cleaning for therapy area which is effective, safe & odor free
I wear gloves during all manual therapy.
Hand sanitizer & no touch temperature check at the door.
A few short notice slots still possible, within a wide selection of times.
Safety first.


Category: Chair Massage

How Is Chair Massage Pricing Determined
Back Massager
Studies show benefits of corporate chair massage is almost instant.

Improved focus lasts for weeks according to the published science.

Chair Massage is a big hit at health fairs/

Test us out at any company event or celebration.

Corporate chair massage makes your employees feel great and cared for by your company.

That is always a win-win.
Advanced on-site chair massage is also perfect for:

Event marketing professionals
Corporate event planners
Trade show exhibit managers
Marketing tour/roadshow planner
Pop-up store event planners and operatorsEvent attendees will roam, look, and you want them to collect your marketing materials at any trade show or store event.
Keep your target audience engaged for more valuable minutes.
Do more of what you were sent there to do – make your sales pitch.

Chair Massage – Workplace Massage
The University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute has studied workplace massage.

A study published in a 1996 International Journal of Neuroscience for example.

That research showed that massaged adults exhibited enhanced mental alertness.

They also completed math problems in significantly less time and with more accuracy.

They actually exhibited lower job stress levels even after a five-week period.

Add that to a 2004 study.

Again this science was published in the International Journal of Neuroscience.

Anxiety scores decreased for all groups who received moderate massage as well as several other types.

The subjects receiving moderate pressure experienced the greatest decrease in stress.

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