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How Is Chair Massage Pricing Determined


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Studies show benefits of corporate chair massage is almost instant.
Improved focus lasts for weeks according to the published science.
Chair Massage is a big hit at health fairs/
Test us out at any company event or celebration.
Corporate chair massage makes your employees feel great and cared for by your company.
That is always a win-win.
Advanced on-site chair massage is also perfect for:
  • Event marketing professionals
  • Corporate event planners
  • Trade show exhibit managers
  • Marketing tour/roadshow planner
  • Pop-up store event planners and operatorsEvent attendees will roam, look, and you want them to collect your marketing materials at any trade show or store event.
  • Keep your target audience engaged for more valuable minutes.
  • Do more of what you were sent there to do - make your sales pitch.
           Corporate chair massage makes your exhibit the most popular anytime we show up.
Many firms use corporate chair massage as an ongoing employee wellness program.
Some use corporate chair massage in their offices weekly, some monthly, some semiannually and others just for events or trade shows.
Here is just a partial list of companies that use corporate chair massage.


Hewlett Packard
Dolby Laboratories
Nortel Networks
Underwriters Laboratories


Ford Motor Company
Sealy, Inc.
Jones Apparel Group
Levi Strauss
Mattel Inc


BEA Systems
Mercury Interactive
Electronic Arts


Whole Foods Market
Williams Sonoma
The Gap
Banana Republic
Marshall Fields
The Body Shop


Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Allstate Insurance
Liberty Mutual
Marsh Risk & Insurance
American Health & Life
Great West Life


Eli Lilly
Novo Nordisk
Celera Genomics
Cell Genesys
Chair massage pricing is by total hours determined using these variables:
  • number of people receiving chair massages
  • length of each massage session
  • length of time massage event will run
  • how many therapists you want at your massage event
  • your budget
You need to know two of these to come up with an exact value.

Option #1: Number of Employees & Corporate Massage Session Length

This pricing method is for small and medium businesses.
They decide how many employees to provide massages.
They often use a company email or a simple sign up sheet.
So they just need to know two things:
  1. How many people are getting massages?
  2. Length of each massage session
Then it’s simple math:
Examples would be 20 people receiving 15 minute massages.
That totals 5 hours.
Depending on the chair massage rates $200-500 for that event.
If the rate is $100 an hour.
Then the clients cost is $500.
Client agreements on regular sessions or advertised discounts might be as low as $40 an hour.
That clients 5 hours is just $200.
Some clients don’t know how many will be participating in massage day.
Those clients use option two or three to determine chair massage costs.

Option #2: Massage Event Length & Number of Therapists

This option is better for large companies, & events with specific time frames.
You need the following information:
  1. Length of time massage event is going to run.
  2. How many therapists you want at your massage event
Say you have a booth in a trade show 12pm-4pm.
You book 4 therapists onsite providing chair massage at your booth to draw in attendees.
This works like magic by the way.
Just multiply 4 therapists by 4 hours or 16 total hours.
If the rate is $100 per hour (again, for easy math), you pay $1600 for the event.

Option #3: Chair Massage Budget

 Everyone has a budget.
Say you want to provide chair massages at the health fair.
You don’t know how many people will be able to get a massage.
You do know their budget is $200.
Using a $100 an hour rate determine cost.
A budget of $200 gets 2 total hours of massage or at $40 that would be 5 hours of massage.
Now our company know how to provide massages the employees at the health fair.
Anyone can get a massage event because we have a plan that works for you and your budget.
Feel free to check out corporate chair massage rates across the nation then call us at

How much will it cost for a day of our chair massage?


One-time event

Employee Appreciation, Health Fairs,

Corporate Retreats, etc.

Massage Program

Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Massage Programs

2-5 hours
$95 per hour*
$85-95 per hour
6-10 hours
$90 per hour*
$80-90 per hour
11-15 hours
$85 per hour*
$75-85 per hour
16-30 hours
$80 per hour*
$70-80 per hour
31-50 hours
$75 per hour*
$65-75 per hour
51+ hours
$70 per hour*
$60-70 per hour

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