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Healthy Living Montgomery AL Share the Health Expo and Dan Hendrix

Healthy Living Montgomery, AL Vitamin Shoppe East Chase Share the Health Expo

Featuring Dan Hendrix, Massage Therapist, LMT #404, EMT

Seated Chair Massage free at East Chase Montgomery Vitamin Shoppe



Seated Chair Massage compliments of East Chase Montgomery Vitamin Shoppe

On-Site Chair Massage has been utilized in the office for well over twenty years.

Utilized to unwind muscle spasms, relieve stress, enhance blood circulation and speed up removal of wastes, massage is a time-honored practice.

A fantastic antidote to tension, massage will certainly reduce fatigue, induce relaxation and revitalization, improve alertness and motivation and minimize anxiety levels.

That’s what Vitamin Shoppe will provide free on Saturday, October 24, 2015.

No cost at the Vitamin Shoppe East Chase health expo.

On-Site Chair Massage is a structured health maintenance service.

On-Site Chair Massage can likewise be provided as a detailed five to thirty-minute chair and table massages, right in your workplace!

Our On-Site Massages involve a totally clothed treatment of the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms that ease the symptomatic impacts of work-related tension.

A certified and insured massage therapist can be scheduled for reoccurring appointments or one time occasions at your workplace.

Try a free sample along with lots of other goodies Saturday, October 24, 2015 at Vitamin Shoppe East Chase.

Healthy living Montgomery, AL