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Massage Therapy Information for Customers: A Consumer Study for Pain Relief


Massage Therapy:  Exactly what should somebody expect throughout a massage?

– The massage therapist will certainly ask inquiries about just what motivated you to obtain a massage.

– The massage therapist will desire background information about your physical problem, medical history, lifestyle, anxiety levels and also any type of uncomfortable areas.

– The massage specialist will certainly ask exactly what your wellness goals are as well as will discuss exactly how massage could help you achieve those goals.

– During an individually massage therapy session, you will certainly be asked to remove apparel to your level of convenience. Apparel is not removed during “chair” massage therapies.

Customers additionally must consider the following suggestions in order to help them locate a massage therapist who is trained and certified.

– Are you certified to practice massage therapy? (35 states have actually passed legislation to regulate massage therapy).

– Are you a participant of the American Massage Therapy Association?

– Are you Across the country Qualified in Restorative Massage therapy and Bodywork?

Massage Therapy Could Help Reduce Your Discomfort.

Countless Americans are all as well aware of pain. There can be many trips to the medical professional or chiropractic physician, discomfort medications, sleepless evenings and also the concern of making it via the day while enduring pain.

Have you attempted massage?

A current survey by the American Hospital Association shows that almost 82 percent of healthcare facilities that use some type of corresponding or alternative treatment provide the usage of massage treatment, with 70 percent of those health centers utilizing massage therapy for pain management as well as pain relief.

A consumer study commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association? (AMTA) reveals that more individuals compared to ever before are looking for massage to manage and eliminate pain. The survey shows that almost half, 47 percent, of those polled have had a massage particularly for discomfort relief.

A 2003 study of 1,998 massage customers revealed that 63 percent thought massage treatment provided them higher discomfort relief compared to chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical treatment or other bodywork.

Scientific research study has actually revealed massage treatment can:.

– Be more effective for persistent neck and back pain than various other corresponding treatments.

– Promote relaxation and relieve the understanding of discomfort and also anxiety in cancer patients.

– Lower post-traumatic frustrations much better than ice bag therapies.

– Decrease discomfort and muscle mass spasms in people that have undertaken heart bypass surgery when part of hospital-based surgery therapy.

– Boost the mind to produce endorphins.

– Improve self-confidence by encouraging people to successfully cope with their pain.

If you have chronic pain, talk with your doctor regarding adding massage by a qualified massage therapist to your pain monitoring program. Locating a trained as well as competent certified massage therapist is essential, so search for a participant of AMTA.

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A Consumer Reports survey of 3,562 back-pain sufferers.

How to back-pain relief with Massage Therapist: A Consumer Reports survey of 3,562 back-pain sufferers. 101 That helped back pain in 2017

That found that more than 80 percent of those who had seen a massage therapist or chiropractor or tried yoga or tai chi said it had helped them. This is supported by a new guideline from the American College of Physicians (ACP) recommending massage therapy for low back pain.



The Better Way to Get Back Pain Relief

Growing research suggests that drugs and surgery may not be the answer for your bad back

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Massage therapist and massage therapy can benefit a lot of back pain sufferers.  In the above article you can find out how many people do find relief for back pain through a massage therapist.

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist – A Practice of Massage

Massage Therapist Dan Hendrix, LMT #404

Massage Therapist
Dan Hendrix, LMT #404

Since I practice mostly Medical Massage as well as some sports massage let me supply some generic information.

Medical massage is outcome-based massage.

It includes the application of specific treatment targeted to the specific problem a client presents as a result of a medical diagnosis.

The most common could broadly be labeled as simply pain.


With a presumed medical diagnosis by a doctor the assessment/evaluation by the medical massage therapist is also objective.

That with specific outcomes being the basis for massage, treatment.

This can also be called clinical massage or treatment massage.

There is not one technique that is medical massage.

It is more over using some styles of massage and applying that technique to various conditions.

A neurologist in Philadelphia, PA, Professor Silas Weir Mitchell, (1829-1914) may have been the first.

That to bring therapeutic massage to the attention of the US medical community.

So western massage has been considered to be medical massage, since the mid-1800s.

English Physician, William Murrell, wrote in 1886, the text  “Massage as a Mode of Treatment.”

Sixteen years later in Boston Massachusetts, Douglas Graham, MD of authored “Manual Therapeutics.”

These physicians both focus those text on the treatment of specific diseases and disorders by the method of therapeutic massage.

Massage was also described in the medical literature in Europe during the nineteenth century.

Massage was taught at medical institutions during that time.

M.Y. Mudrov, MD used massage and movement exercises in Russia.

Medical massage was popular in Russia as early as the late 1700s.

Massage as medical practice is still relatively common in Russia today.

Dr. Harvey Kellogg published a classic textbook in 1985.

“The Art of Massage, Its Physiological Effects and Therapeutic Actions.”

Since then the both the quality and volume of works on the subject has grown at an accelerating clip.

Organizations like The American Medical Massage Association are also promoting this growth and improvement as well as other groups.

I have been a professional in both massage and exercise for nearly four decades.

I often combine various aspects of both.

That to solve problems and achieve goals for my clients.

I first tested into the American Medical Massage Association over twenty years ago.

I have practiced massage, as a professional, for almost forty years.

I have studied massage in Boston, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Palm Springs, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Kingsport, Orlando, Miami, and Destin, among others.

I taught the subject, as a guest lecture at the Univ. of TN. Physical Therapy School.

I was part of the Medical Support Team in the Athlete’s Village, during the Atlanta Olympic Games.

These are just a few highlights from my professional career as a massage therapist.

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