Dr. Lee Vann Self Client

Dan Hendrix...A large man who can meet any need great or small.


  •  I have known Dan for over six years
  • We met when I was seeking services for severe lower back pain (facets) at a local Chiropractor’s office
  • I already knew the advantages of the magic of touch, but I did not know what Dan could do with his talented hands
  • After the first one-hour session with Dan, my pain index dropped from 8 of 10 to 6 of 10
  • When I was able, financially and attitudinally, I began to see Dan more frequently, resulting in further reduction of my pain
  • For a period of time, I saw Dan weekly
  • I now see him less than once a month

More history

  • He is an avid reader and has taught himself many procedures and concepts that I have not found in any other massage therapist
  • Dan also introduced me to two major concepts that have positively impacted my life and health:
    – Nutrition and supplements
    – Yoga
  • Since I was being treated for other medical problems, his advice and therapeutic touch have ameliorated most of them
  • In conclusion, I would (and frequently have) recommend Dan to anyone who is suffering as I was for so long