Malinda Client

“When I met Mr. Hendrix, I was 41 and in continual pain and discomfort.  For the previous 2 1/2 years I had been seeing a doctor several times a week with little lasting improvements.  The career I've chosen is a physically demanding one on most days.  I love my job, however, I feared I would not be able to continue at it due to the pain from my neck, back and feet.  At the suggestion of Mr. Hendrix, I coupled massage therapy with both supplements and stretching exercises.  After completing my first massage, I immediately went to the store and purchased the inexpensive supplements and started taking them that evening.  I expected the results to take days even weeks before I noticed a difference.  I was wrong.....The improvements were phenomenal!!!!!  The massage had started to loosen up my tight muscles and the supplements gave me a new lease on life.   That night's rest was the best sleep I had ever had (and I do mean ever).  I awoke feeling completely rested and with so much energy that the only way to describe it was euphoric!  The knowledge and insight Mr. Hendrix seems to have on the way the human body and immune system works is a wealth best tapped into in my humble opinion.  Because of his help, I now feel confident that I will be able to continue at the job I love until it is time to retire at 65.”