The Governor of Alabama HAD ordered all massage-therapy establishments and massage services, athletic facilities, fitness centers, gyms, spas and yoga facilities to be closed effective at 5:00 p.m. on March 28.
    All pain relief, medical, & sports massage by appointment only for safety .
    I wear N95 masks.
    I require client wear face covering.
    I have easy adjustments for COPD etc.
    When facing the client I add a face shield.
    Hydrogen peroxide is our cleaning for therapy area which is effective, safe & odor free
    I wear gloves during all manual therapy.
    Hand sanitizer & no touch temperature check at the door.
    A few short notice slots still possible, within a wide selection of times.
    Safety first.

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    • Dan Hendrix…A large man who can meet any need great or small. (more…)

      - Dr. Lee Vann Self Client

    • “As a sixty-eight year old retired statistician for the State of Alabama , and a client of Dan Hendrix for over five years, I would like to recommend Dan highly.  Dan is a skilled massage therapist and personal fitness coach with a vast knowledge base of nutritional information. (more…)

      - Betty Client

    • “When I met Mr. Hendrix, I was 41 and in continual pain and discomfort.  For the previous 2 1/2 years I had been seeing a doctor several times a week with little lasting improvements.  The career I’ve chosen is a physically demanding one on most days.  I love my job, however, I feared I would not be able to continue at it due to the pain from my neck, back and feet.  (more…)

      - Malinda Client

    • “Mr. Hendrix and I met in a Pain Management Clinic where I had gone in order to prepare myself for a hip replacement operation.  I was seen and treated by a team of professionals.  I found that the massage therapy was the most helpful of all the disciplines. (more…)

      - Florence Client

    • “A few years ago I suffered from allergy disorders, low energy, I was overweight, out of shape and usually in pain. I was fortunate to have met Dan Hendrix who provided an individualized consultation that changed my life.  (more…)

      - Tereza Client

    Who Is Dan Hendrix?

    Hello, I am Dan Hendrix, a licensed massage therapist providing services in Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding area.

    I practice mostly Medical Massage as well as some sports massage.

    As a professional in both massage and exercise for nearly four decades I often combine various aspects of both. That to solve problems and achieve goals for my clients.

    I have practiced massage, as a professional, for almost forty years.

    I have studied massage in Boston, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Palm Springs, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Kingsport, Orlando, Miami, and Destin, among others.

    I taught the subject, at the Univ. of TN. Physical Therapy School.

    I was part of the medical team in the Athlete's Village, during the Atlanta Olympic Games.

    These are just a few highlights from my professional career.

    My Mission In Life

    To teach individuals who need relief DIY Human Performance Improvement Biochemistry.

    Massage in Montgomery

    Massage Therapist Services in Montgomery

    What is massage therapy and benefits of massage therapy? The wonderful advantages of massage appear from skill and experienced professionals. The instant relaxing results of massage and the long term health advantages of massage happen not from periodic backrubs from good friends, however from the experienced arms of licensed massage therapists. Trained arms would be an understatement, since massage therapists really utilize their whole upper body trunk to use right pressure-- if they simply utilized their hands and arms, they would rapidly tire, and the required pressure would not be used. When trying to find a massage therapist, there are a couple of things that should be kept in mind while searching. To start with, it is essential to understand who precisely a massage therapist is, and ways to discover one ideal for your requirements. The next action, obviously, is to understand exactly what massage therapists do-- exactly what their task incorporates and the real art that they practice. With this understanding in hand, a smart choice that will result in less tension and much better usage of muscles will be a lot easier to make and a lot easier to find spa treatments and therapies that best suit your needs.

    A massage therapist is a health specialist who is licensed and accredited to practice a variety of massage treatments to enhance the wellness of his/her client. The conclusion of a massage school, which is certified by the state that it lies in, is essential to lawfully practice massage within an acknowledged area. Therefore, a massage therapist can be discovered operating in such different areas as healthcare facilities and centers, their own personal or group practices, spa and resorts, and big sporting occasions. Another benefit provided by a therapist is on site massage. The basic program of research study needed for a massage therapist consists of courses in neurology, anatomy, pathology, emergency treatment, physiology, integrated with practice in western and eastern massage theories. It is necessary to keep in mind that a massage therapist does not change medical treatment by a physician, however can extremely well supplement a doctor's proposed treatment. Physicians frequently suggest seeing a massage therapist, and can refer their clients to a suitable therapist.

    Nevertheless, a massage therapist's services are definitely not restricted to doctor recommendations. A massage therapist's workplace can be a fantastic location for the avoidance of ailments. Seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis, even for the healthy individual (although in today's social environments, tension has actually ended up being a topic practically in most people's lives, and adversely impacts health), reduces tension on muscles, and therefore reduces tension on the mind. Massage therapy likewise acts favorably on circulation, right away helping the blood vessels, so close to the surface area of the skin, to distribute blood, in addition to acting upon the muscles assisting veins bring blood back to the heart. A massage therapist evaluates his/her client, and develops a massage therapy treatment program particular to the requirements of the customer. Seeing a massage therapist frequently can likewise help avoid illness and the referral of clients to see medical professionals when a condition from within the scope massage therapy develops.

    The massage methods utilized have actually been both subjected to the test of time and clinical research study. Lots of methods are rather ancient, and with contemporary research study shining more light on this topic, we are discovering that their results definitely are favorable on the body. Massage treatment impacts both the muscles being controlled, in addition to specific internal organs, through the pressure points in our hands and feet that affect those particular organs. The methods utilized by massage therapists are extremely different, from the standard Swedish massage, which is understood to be specifically useful for the lymphatic system and the blood circulation of the blood in the veins, to the less standard reflexology massage, which is the massage impacting our organs through adjustment of points on our hands and feet. Lots of other kinds of massage treatment exist, and it is best to both research and study the type that will be most useful for your particular requirement, in addition to talking to your massage therapist which treatment will be best for you. While every massage therapist will be trained in a range of methods, not one massage therapist will be an expert in all of the types.

    The task of the massage therapist is to minimize the psychological and physical impacts of tension, to enhance the basic health and wellbeing of their customer, to bring back health and to avoid future illness and pain. These results are attained by means of the numerous strategies of massage treatment, which are can vary. While a massage therapist is not a doctor, and does not pretend to be one, the routine visits to a qualified massage therapist can be really advantageous for the health, in addition to an essential supplement to numerous medical treatments. As details about massage treatment ends up being more commonly readily available, the medical field has actually started to integrate massage treatment into contemporary medication. Massage therapists, who study the ancient art of muscle adjustment through rubbing are making their long-term place in the contemporary setting of the medical field.


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    Montgomery Alabama

    Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama. There are many attractions in this city. Some of the must-see include the Alabama State Capitol, First White House of the Confederacy, and Civil Rights Memorial. the alleyThe Riverfront Park provides riverboat rides, concerts, baseball & boating. Enjoy good food at the local restaurants nearby.

    You can find a lot to do in Montgomery. Local theaters, family-fun festivals, concerts as well as the Shakespeare Festival. Montgomery was featured in The New York Times as the Top 2018 Destination. The Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa is the go to place for business and leisure travelers visiting Montgomery. Well known for its southern cuisine, there are plenty of eateries around town to chose from. zeldaMontgomery is known for its historical past and there many places to show for it, such as the Old Cloverdale historical district featuring the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum.

    With so many attractions in Montgomery Alabama there also plenty of places for rest and relaxation. Whether you enjoy sports and fitness or a day at a spa. For more information go to Visiting Montgomery

    Dan Hendrix, Massage Therapist Montgomery AL

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